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Brand: DONI
Children's monochrome briefs with a distinctive stripe and soft elastic band that fits comfortably on the waist Suitable for Boys from 2 to 10 years old Composition: 95% cotton - 5% elastane The price is for a selection of 4 pieces, one in each colour, choose size Quality guaranteed DONI..
Brand: DONI
Children's underwear briefs for boy with beautiful distinctive design Soft elasticated waistband and bust with no pressure and a perfect fit Cotton products and colours with durability and longevity Suitable for everyday use Composition: 87% Cotton | DONi quality guaranteed The price is for 2 p..
Brand: DONI
Children's panties with print Age: 2 to 10 Composition: 95% cotton - 5% elastane The price is per piece, choose colour Guaranteed quality DONI..
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